Ally Renews Exclusive Sponsorship of TIME Dealer of the Year  Jul 23rd, 2015 
Ally Financial has renewed its exclusive sponsorship of the TIME Dealer of the Year program through 2021. Nominations for the 2016 program are now open. Relaunches Certified Female Friendly Program  Jul 23rd, 2015 has re-launched its Certified Female Friendly Program with a new focus on marketing consultation for automotive retailers. The company has also added a dealer division. 
NADA Urges Dealers to Oppose Recall Amendment  Jul 23rd, 2015 
An amendment rejected by the Senate Commerce Committee last week that would have barred dealers from selling recalled vehicles could be attached to a multi-year highway funding bill, the NADA warns. 
Westlake Customers See Largest Jump in FICO Score, Equifax Finds  Jul 23rd, 2015 
Westlake Financial Services was recognized by Equifax as the national auto lender whose subprime customers have seen the highest credit score increase over the term of their loan. 
Will the 2016 Chevrolet SS be Receiving Extra Power?  Jul 23rd, 2015 
Rumors suggest the automaker's new sedan may sport an upgraded engine. 
10 Cars that Made Complexity a Virtue  Jul 23rd, 2015 
It’s said that simplicity is a virtue, but automakers don’t always see it that way. 
2015 Nissan Murano – Quick-Take Review  Jul 22nd, 2015 
Porsche Pajun Sedan Could Appear at Frankfurt Auto Show with Electric Powertrain  Jul 22nd, 2015 
It’s no secret that Porsche is planning to build a smaller-than-Panamera sedan-ish thing to compete with the BMW 5-Series, Mercedes-Benz E-class, and Jaguar XF, among others, although the plans for actually when Porsche plans to launch that car, nicknamed “Pajun” (PA-namera JUN-ior, get it?) are as clear as mud. But a report in the French […] 
2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible Test: A Great, If Pricey, Convertible in Search of the Right Engine  Jul 22nd, 2015 
Ford’s push for its EcoBoost agenda—the one where turbocharged, small-displacement engines can supposedly replace larger, naturally aspirated engines with improved fuel economy and no impact on power—turned to a shove when it added a turbo four-cylinder to the new Mustang’s engine lineup. A turbo four in America’s pony car, dadgummit?! The experiment worked out okay […] 
2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Automatic Convertible – Instrumented Test  Jul 22nd, 2015 
Journey to the Valley of Fire: FCA Recalling 2011-2015 Dodge Journeys  Jul 22nd, 2015 
FCA has announced a recall of four-cylinder-powered Dodge Journeys and (Euro-twin) Fiat Freemonts due to a potential engine-fire risk due to loosely attached engine covers. Discovered in Chile—where apparently, drivers actually do take their utelets off-road—excessive shaking can knock the engine cover loose and onto the exhaust. None of the three reported Chilean engine-compartment conflagrations […] 
2015 Nissan Murano Reviewed: Aggressive Style, Agreeable Personality  Jul 22nd, 2015 
Overview: Lock eyeballs on the 2015 Nissan Murano and it’s not likely you’ll un-see it anytime soon. Nissan’s third-generation “flagship crossover” sports a jutting chin and sci-fi styling worthy of a Star Wars flick. As with the smaller Juke crossover, the mid-size two-row Murano is designed to stand out in parking lots now teeming with […] 
Sonic Cautious About CFPB, But Revs Up Hybrid F&I Push  Jul 22nd, 2015 
Sonic executives said the company is delaying plans to launch a captive finance company in light of the CFPB’s recent settlement with Honda Finance. But the group has given the go-ahead for the first phase of its much-delayed hybrid sales process. 
CFPB Deputy Director Steve Antonakes Steps Down  Jul 22nd, 2015 
After nearly five years with the CFPB, Deputy Director Steve Antonakes is stepping down from his position as the bureau’s No. 2 official to spend more time with his family. 
Department of Defense Issues Final Military Lending Act Rule  Jul 22nd, 2015 
Today, the Defense Department issued a final rule that expands the types of credit products covered by the 36% rate cap and other military-specific protections under the Military Lending Act. 
Photos and Details of the Facelifted 2016 Porsche 911 Emerge  Jul 22nd, 2015 
Over the past few years, we have reported several times that Porsche would kill the naturally aspirated flat-six in the 911 as of this fall. Now Porsche confirms the move—by means of a prototype drive of the facelifted model, which appeared in the German magazine Auto Bild. We take away a few things from our […] 
The University of Michigan’s Connected-Car Test Track Is Now Open to (Almost) Anyone  Jul 22nd, 2015 
The University of Michigan has just opened the country’s first test track for connected and automated vehicles, or what really is the first fake American town outside of Celebration, Florida. The 32-acre Mcity, a $10 million project funded in part by the Department of Transportation, is now available to any automaker, supplier, or organization that […] 
Sound on Sound: AMG Teases C63 Coupe, Adds Noise [Video]  Jul 21st, 2015 
A couple of weeks back, AMG peppered its Facebook pages with images of a lightly camo’d C63 coupe. Which is all well and good, but it neglected one of the finest things about V-8–powered automobiles from Mercedes-Benz’s extra-zoot division: the racket. Having driven the AMG GT-S, which carries a version of the C63’s twin-turbo, 4.0-liter […] 
Senate Introduces Automotive Anti-Hacking Bill  Jul 21st, 2015 
New legislation that would create the first-ever automotive cybersecurity standards could force automakers to push out more software updates and allow owners to use Internet services without their vehicles being tracked. The bill introduced by Sens. Edward Markey (D-Mass., at left above) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn., at right) would direct the National Highway Traffic Safety […] 
Department of Defense Issues Final Military Lending Act Rule  Jul 21st, 2015 
Today, the Defense Department issued a final rule that expands the types of credit products covered by the 36% rate cap and other military-specific protections under the Military Lending Act. 
Hey, We Found a Pile of Sweet Vintage Porsches, Benzes, and Detroit Iron at the L.A. Auto Show  Nov 20th, 2014 
Wait—what L.A. auto show? These classics had their own thing going on just outside. 
2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Debuts: The S-class You Want if Your Name is Galactus  Nov 19th, 2014 
“The choice of a gentleman.” That’s Daimler’s line in China, where the Mercedes-Maybach S-class was shown a few hours before its debut at the Los Angeles auto show. We don’t think this slogan would fly in the U.S.—may we suggest “Occupy what now?”—but it emphasizes the fact that this S-class is all about conservative style […] 
BMW Launches Joint-Developed Sports Hybrid  Mar 24th, 2014 
BMW has announced its Z4 replacement, which will be one of the first models produced from its partnership with Toyota. 
Next Porsche Boxster and Cayman to Receive One Whopper of a Four-Cylinder Engine  Mar 21st, 2014 
Racing development should push the engine to 400 horsepower. 
Mercedes-Benz Classic Center Staffers Pick S-Class Favorites  Apr 9th, 2013 
Our most recent trip to Germany was all about the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. First we previewed the interior of the upcoming 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (it’s really nice) and then it was off to Benz’s Classic Center in Fellbach where we got a quick refresher course on the S-Class lineage. Mercedes first started using the S-Class designation [...] 
We Hear: Mercedes Planning Mini-Fighting X-Class Cars  Apr 4th, 2013 
Mercedes-Benz and BMW are known rivals, but a new report from Automobile suggests that the German automaker from Stuttgart is gunning for BMW’s Mini division and BMW’s own upcoming front-drive model with a new subcompact X-Class range. Thanks to its partnership with Renault-Nissan, Mercedes will have access to a flexible shared platform upon which it [...] 
Carfax Partners with Volvo  Apr 4th, 2013 

carfax_logoCarfax has been chosen by Volvo Cars of North America to provide vehicle history information for the Volvo Certified Pre-Owned program. Since 1999, certified Volvo dealers have run a Carfax vehicle history report on all Volvo cars submitted for certification. Under the renewed agreement, Volvo and its certified dealers are providing consumers with free Carfax reports for every certified Volvo vehicle.

Milestone: Mini Sells 500,000th Vehicle in the U.S.  Apr 4th, 2013 
In just over 11 years after BMW revived the Mini brand in the U.S., the premium nameplate has scored its 500,000 sale. The brand’s success in the U.S. and abroad has inspired a number of imitators from automakers who want to sell small cars at a premium price. Mini sales numbered 24,590 units in 2002. [...] 
  Apr 24th, 2012 
What will you do with your tax refund? 
Mercedes-Benz's 'invisible' electric car turns heads  Mar 8th, 2012 
Mercedes-Benz has created a vehicle it claims is "virtually invisible" - to the environment, that is.The German car manufacturer has blanketed one side of its new F-Cell vehicle in sheets ...  
High turnout at Detroit auto show  Jan 24th, 2012 
Over 800,000 people attended this year's Detroit auto show, said a media report. 
Used-Car Values to Increase 3 to 5 Percent, KBB Reports  Jan 17th, 2012 
Kelley Blue Book said it anticipates used-car values to increase 3 to 5 percent in the first quarter of 2012, with gains to continue into the second quarter. 
First day Auto Show attendance of 92,106 best in five years  Jan 15th, 2012 
Detroit - Opening day of the North American International Auto Show recorded its strongest first day attendance in five years, organizers said Saturday night."We are absolutely thrilled at ...  
Is the U.S. Auto Industry on Track for a Comeback  Jan 9th, 2012 
More than three years after bad management, a swooning global economy, and foreign competition gutted the U.S. auto industry, car makers are revving up for a comeback at what's likely to be one ...  
TuneIn Radio talks apps, cars, discovery and streaming rivals  Jan 5th, 2012 
apps era. That said, the company has been around for much longer than the app stores, having been founded in 2002.The service, which enables people to listen to ...  
Mercedes-Benz, BMW vie for US luxury car crown  Dec 31st, 2011 
DETROIT: In a first, two German manufacturers-Mercedes-Benz and BMW- are dueling for the honor of being the top luxury brand sold in the United States. With the champion of the past 11 years, ...  
2012 Mercedes-Benz S350 Bluetec 4Matic: Review notes: A perfect luxury diesel application   Dec 22nd, 2011 
EDITOR WES RAYNAL: I love this 2012 Mercedes-Benz S350 Bluetec. 
Auto industry poised for employment growth, experts say  Nov 29th, 2011 
The Detroit Three are poised to go on a hiring binge over the next four years as car and truck sales rebound and new labor contracts make it less costly for the automakers to add employees in the ...  
TRW unveils new generation of adaptive airbags  Nov 29th, 2011 
Nov. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (NYSE: TRW), the global leader in automotive safety systems, is today announcing its next generation of adaptive frontal passenger ...  
Updates to Trucking Regulations and Driver Hours Behind the Wheel  Sep 21st, 2011 
When trucker fatigue leads to serious injuries or fatal accidents, truck accident attorneys help clients pursue justice and personal injury compensation Drop in Gas Prices Fueling Popularity of Trucks, SUVs  Sep 13th, 2011's Trend Engine report for August indicated that the decline in gas prices over the summer has driven consumers back toward large trucks and SUVs, particularly in the new-vehicle arena. 
Thread Of The Day: To Buy American, Or Not Buy American, That Is The Question  Aug 31st, 2011 
It’s a complicated question that many of us mull over on a day to day basis: do we buy American, or do we not? In the global economy that we live in, what even constitutes as ‘American’ anymore? What makes a Mexican-built Ford Fiesta, or Canadian-built Chevrolet Camaro less American than a Kentucky-built Toyota Camry, [...] 
Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car Video  Aug 30th, 2011 
Nearly two-thirds of Americans own pets, and bringing your pet with you in the car is likely to happen at some point. Cars and their numerous safety systems were primarily built to protect humans. ...  
Cars of the Future May Keep Us Safe Behind the Wheel at Any Age  Aug 26th, 2011 
Shaleece Haas , who has reported on aging-related issues for several years, said the topic of older drivers, innocuous as it first seemed, kept coming up again and again. She also faced the issue ...  
Traffic crashes cost Michigan more than crime  Aug 23rd, 2011 
Washington- Traffic crashes in Michigan cost society $9.1 billion in 2009 - more than the cost of all crimes, a new study finds. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute said in ...  
Stronger Federal Action Needed to Prevent Truck Accidents  Jul 31st, 2011 
Stronger federal action is needed to prevent truck accidents. 
Where to go on Web for car-buying info  Jul 28th, 2011 You'll find reviews of vehicles, buying guides, negotiating tips and detailed pricing information.Edmunds also features what it calls a True Market Value -- an average price the ...  
2011 BMW 535i xDrive Sedan, an AutoWeek Drivers Log Car Review:   Jul 26th, 2011 
NEWS EDITOR GREG MIGLIORE: The turbocharged straight-six is an absolute gem of an engine in this 2011 BMW 535i xDrive. 
Super deals on cool cars  Jul 23rd, 2011 
P re-owned cars are as hot as the weather right now because of smaller-than-usual inventories - but you can still save big bucks by buying one. "Used cars are usually much better deals than ...  
Concours d'Elegance classic car show shifts to new venue  Jul 13th, 2011 
Caroline Oberst of Grosse Pointe Woods, left, and Rebekah Decker of Grand Rapids stand beside a 1969 Mercedes 280 SL Tuesday during the media preview of the Concours d' Elegance of America at ...  
BMW left turn assistant, car-to-x communication detailed  May 18th, 2011 
BMW has revealed details of two new safety systems currently under development designed to reduce the risk of crashes involving vehicles turning across oncoming ...  
How To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online  Apr 8th, 2011 
Most are free! 
Michigan Toughens regulation on teen driver licenses  Apr 5th, 2011 
Car videos now in HD!  Mar 31st, 2011 
Our car videos are now in HD on YouTube. 
Mercedes will be an F1 contender this season, says Michael Schumacher  Mar 24th, 2011 
Michael Schumacher said Mercedes 'has taken a huge step forward with this year's car' after it impressed in testing ahead of the season-opening Australian grand prix on Sunday. ...  
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