"I text Jeff at 11:30 pm regarding their, soon to be my S600, asking him to contact me the 1st thing in the morning. I received a phone call the next morning at 7:34 am and 25 minutes later I became the proud owner of a beautiful Mercedes S600. Now, I live in Memphis, TN while Select Motors is located in Plymouth, MI. This process of purchasing a car from afar was the easiest process that I have ever been a part of. Jeff was very honest and extremely fair throughout all of our communication. He sent me pictures of my car being loaded onto the shipping truck when I didn't ask him to do so. The practice of sending photos is an important step in the process that directly relieves you of any concerns or stresses that you may have, if any, surrounding their honesty or trustworthiness. The professionalism of both Jeff and Kathy absolutely cannot be overstated. I highly recommend purchasing from Select Motors from anywhere in our great land. Their salesmanship is exactly what you hope for when car buying. Thanks Kathy and Jeff. You guys are the best!" Mark, Memphis, TN, April, 2016

"It has always been a pleasure and a positive experience when purchasing a pre-owned automobile from you. I have never been disappointed in any of my purchases; Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar and Porsche...I enjoyed them all!.   The difference is, professionalism, knowledge, integrity and the the exhausting amount of time and energy that is put into locating the perfect pre-owned automobile that Select Motors is known for. That is why this is my 6th purchase from Select Motors in the past 20 years. I am compelled to write this testimonial, as in my personal and professional opinion, Select Motors (Jeff and Kathy) is the only dealership that has met my expectations...and I am very picky!! Great people, Great cars.Thanks again!! Tony"- March, 2013

"Thank you for making this process painless. I normally stress out when buying cars at a dealership and dealing direct with salespeople, their bosses and of course their finance people. Always being an unbearable process.

Buying a vehicle sight-unseen was a new experience for me and I recommend it if you are dealing with Select Motors, a dealership you can trust.

I appreciate the approach you take with your customers and the level/class of inventory that you buy and sell. I am already talking up my experience with Select Motors. Awesome!

Thanks again, Jeff." Tony & Linda, Vermont - November, 2012

"I've had about six weeks with the beast, so I want to give you an update.  The M5 has been an excellent car and I receive many compliments.  It is very stable, smooth, luxurious, and very very fast.  I've had several people ask me to sell the car to them, and even my boss says he is jealous.  It's simply an excellent vehicle to "have" to drive in the mornings.  The ownership experience is just plain exciting.  I took a couple photos for your enjoyment.  Thanks again for the great car and I can certainly recommend you for boutique imports!" Eric, Hessel, MI - September, 2012

"Happy out-of-state customer. Bought the car from Jeff and Kathy over the phone and online. Car arrived via car carrier just as described if not better. The car is fantastic. I felt very comfortable buying from Jeff and Kathy without ever seeing the car in person or driving it. Fantastic!" Eric, Baltimore, MD - October, 2011

"We are both very happy with the vehicle.  It is a beautiful Jaguar S-Type R and was immaculately clean. Thank you for making our vehicle purchase experience wonderful. You and your wife get high marks in my opinion for the quality of your service. Very happy customers of Select Motors.

Best regards,"  John & Rebecca, Bloomfield Hills, MI - October, 2011

"I am ecstatic with the automotive gem I now own in the form of a 98 Z3 2.8! What a rare find! I am still shocked at the pristine condition of this car. Even the engine looks brand new! I actually found myself dusting it off the other day after I dusted the rest if the car! I have wanted this car since 7th grade and now I own it. After searching all over the country for almost 2 years, Select Motors had exactly what I wanted. Thanks again!"  Thurston, NC - June, 2011

Hi Jeff! 
I got to enjoy the 1995 SL500 before we got hit with all this snow. She's been under wraps since the weather turned bad. I can't wait to take off the top and ride with the wind. With the price of gas these days, I won't drive too fast or too far with that V-8 under the hood. LOL! When I went through Inspection, the mechanic commented how impressed he was with the condition she was in. She has still never been driven in the snow. Thanks for the smooth transaction and deal. My wife and I enjoyed doing business with you and your wife. We wish you much success."
Tony, WV. - March, 2011

"The service provided by Jeff and wife, Kathy, ranked as, "Extraordinary!"

Being first-time buyers of an exported vehicle, we can't praise the two of you enough for delivering the car to the Canadian side of the border, which eliminated paying Michigan sales tax.  The exemplary paperwork provided for US and Canadian Customs translated into a hassle-free process. 

We wouldn't hesitate to come again to Select Motors.  You're cream that rises to the top at providing superb service.  The car, mirroring your service, runs flawlessly.

Haydn & Sylvia, 2000 BMW Cabriolet
Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada", February, 2011

Just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and getting the radio as you indicated you would, its good to know you are a honest businessman and want to make sure your customers are satisfied. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to own a luxury automobile in EXCELLENT condition. Thank you again Jeff.  Don & Lisa, January, 2011

Jeff and Kathy are wonderful. They provided one on one service. They were very professional. I must say they will definitely spoil you. They have more HOT cars. Check them out...You'll be very pleased. Victoria, October, 2010

"I wanted to buy an expensive Autotrader used car from the Detroit area, but I
live 1000 miles away!  Called the folks at Select Motors and in less than 24 hours had 40 digital pictures in my email Inbox and a personal YouTube video posted for me narrating every  inch of that car AND expert analysis from an experienced used car pro. What's better than that?... Sold! " J Cread  Baton Rouge, LA. May, 2010

Jeff & Kathy,
Just a follow-up note to let you know how much I'm enjoying the 1999 Mercedes-Benz E320 4Matic I had the pleasure of purchasing from you two weeks ago.  Obviously, I know its an exceptional vehicle; however, all who have seen it are surprised that it is a 1999, since it appears, operates, and performs as though new.  I appreciate the extra effort you both made to ensure that even small matters received attention so my car buying experience from you would be the most positive and pleasant of those experiences I've otherwise endured from others in the past.  As both of you are aware, initially, I visited Select Motors to purchase a CD changer for Melissa's S-Class M-B.  Jeff graciously attended to that matter, including a very quick and precise installation.  Melissa sends her thanks for being able to listen to her books on tape (I mean, CD, now).  Of course, once I saw your inventory with that perfect 1999 E320 AWD, with that great price, and how completely you cared for those cars to assure customer satisfaction, well - you convinced me to buy without saying a word.  I've referred many of my friends and acquaintances who are currently admiring, and secretly envious, of my "new to me" E320, to you and Select Motors.  Thank you both, again, for taking the time and making the effort to sell cars in the manner in which such sales should be accomplished.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future.  Steve - April 2010

Select Motors Ltd has some of the finest pre-owned vehicles in the Detroit area. Jeff is an honest man and has a very nice business and family. I would highly recommend this business and can tell you from first hand experience. The cars offered are in excellent condition - well worth every penny on the fair selling price for each vehicle. Thank you Jeff.

Ed C - Port Huron, MI,
February, 2010

Jeff, I wanted to take the time to express my delight with my car buying experience. Once again, I have reached out to your website to locate a vehicle to purchase. Although, I purchased my 2004 Land Rover Discovery earlier this year I wanted to let you know that I will never again buy a brand new vehicle. The vehicles your company offers as well as the competitive pricing and superb service will make me come back again. This is my second vehicle purchased from your company, but it won't be my last. Hopefully, you've been contacted by the many people that I've recommended. To your continued success. Denise, April, 2008

Your service and expertise is above all others when it comes to buying a vehicle. When we look for something else we know where to go. I have highly recommended you among our friends and family. Your response was very fast and highly appreciated, thanks again. Vinny

I bought the '99 C280 Sport and have loved driving it for the past two months. I have wanted to write you to say thank you for the service, it was awesome. You go anywhere else and aren't treated the same! Just wanted to say thank you and will be talking to you soon (trying to talk my Dad into the Mercedes E430 Sport) such a hot car, but we will see. Just wanted to say thank you again and have a great day. Blake

Hello Jeff, First I would like to thank you for selling me such a a quality vehicle. Everyone seems to like the car better than I do , which I do enjoy. I know I've bought three vehicles from you in such a short time but the follow-up and your expertise in the area of the cars and sales were one of the reasons that I kept coming back. I feel I've gained a new friend and that's important. So again, I say thanks. Robert

Thanks Jeff....I visit your web site frequently and have told several people about it. They don't seem as daring as I was to purchase the 450 over the Internet, oh well, their loss! Thanks again for a great car and the info... thanks for the Christmas card also. Take care, Bill